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1 million Americans died during the PLANdemic and many, many more all over the world.

Big pharma even pushed their fatal clotshots on children and pregnant mothers, when Pfizer’s own internal documents show they knew the dangers.

While grieving families were forced into poverty by tyrannical shut downs, Pfizer and friends made $65,000 every minute of every day for years.

Who was backing them up the entire time by telling outright lies and hiding the facts?

Anthony Fauci…

The man who’s personal wealth is reported to have grown by $5,000,000 or more.

There’s blood on his hands. The time for justice is near.

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The more Americans we wake up to the con that’s been played on their health, the bigger the chance of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning this crucial upcoming election.

No one knows better than him how dangerous these psychopathic criminals are to our nation and the world.

It’s our single best chance to finally hold them accountable for their crimes.

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